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Is your fuzzy one a star? [entries|friends|calendar]
Fuzzy Ones

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woot woot [08 Jul 2005|02:30am]

[ mood | hyper ]

Here's the application:
[Age] 17
[Sex] Gurl
[Location] New Jersey
[Interests] ohhh so many... animals, animal rights, activism, buddhism, religion, cats, my dog, rainbows, bubbles, hippies, lesbians, gay rights, equal rights, feminism, le tigre, bikini kill, pro-choice, being yourself, my girlfriend Melissa, traveling, pink, stars, clouds, LJ, and soo much more!! o.O
[Animals & their name] My doggie Arduninna (pronounced...ARE-DWEN-NA....named after the celtic goddess of the forest)...the "DWEN" in her name rhymes with WHEN not BEAN... also another dog, Max, a cat Percy a cat Dori a cat Oreo a cat marlin (like the daddy fish in finding nemo! ^_^) umm and a WHOLE BUNCH of kittens! We haven't even named them all yet ^_^; but one is Marco and one is Polo LoL..
[Pictures of your animal (optional)]I don't have a scanner... =(
[Favorite animal]Tiger
[Why do you think you're worthy of joining?]o.o;; well umm I dunno
[State something interesting about yourself]I'm ME....if you knew me that would make more sence....
[How did you hear about us?]I randomly found it..searching for "fuzzy" in the interests thingie

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w00t animals! [02 Apr 2005|03:08am]
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w00t animals! [21 Mar 2005|01:00am]

my application ♥Collapse )
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fillin this out acuz i can! [19 Mar 2005|12:13pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

[Age]15(yunger then kendra by ONE WEEK!!!!!)
[Sex]im a boi!
[Location]kendras house haha
[Interests]kendra, tv, kendra, my comp, kendra, my musoc oh an kendra hehe
[Animals & their name]ebony-blak lab 2 almos 3 years old i think donta-cat 4years old? an jade-gunie pig not sure how old maybe a year-2
[Pictures of your animal (optional)]
[Why do you think you're worthy of joining?]yes cause my baby made this place an im kool like dat
[State something interesting about yourself]im a queer boi
[Favorite animal]puppies kittens and lizerds oh an hampsters!!

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[19 Mar 2005|01:29am]

I've done some promoting lately so hopefully Kendra and I's community will come to life. :)

♥ Nicole ♥
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Application [19 Mar 2005|12:26am]

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